Digital Gold Institute Executive Director, I teach Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology at Milano Bicocca and Politecnico di Milano.
Hayek Money promoter, QuantLib founder, Interest Rate Derivatives Adjunct Professor at Milano Bicocca.
Ex-physicist, Springsteen fan, husband, father of three.

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Here you can find informations about:

  1. my papers
  2. my university courses, including slides, code, videos, etc.
  3. past and upcoming events I am involved with
  4. assorted media coverage, including my English and Italian YouTube videos
  5. and, of course, my blog!

Depending on agenda and interest, I can be available pro-bono as speaker, panelist, lecturer, or MC for scientific, academic, and community-organized non-profit events; anyway, I charge a fee for the commercial ones with admission price or sponsors and whenever I am requested for consulting. I can be contacted using this form.